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The mom of late Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott says she's relieved the damage done to the statue of her son was unintentional.  Philomena Lynott tells Ireland's "Hot Press" she's learned that the bronze  was accidentally knocked over by "a bunch of high spirited boys who meant no harm," so she's "not annoyed with them" and is "only hoping that none of the lads got hurt." 

Two men reportedly turned themselves in last Friday in connection with the incident, which happened in Dublin Thursday night.  Authorities still plan to file charges against the men.  But police say the court might go easy on them, since they're taking responsibility for their actions. 

An unnamed source says it was a stupid accident, with "drink having been taken."  The men have also reached out to Philomena, who is thanking the men for coming forward. 

Meanwhile, the statue is being repaired.  It's expected to be returned to Harry Street by the end of the week. 

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