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Ted Nugent is sporting a new look. 

The Motor City Madman tells West Palm Beach, Florida's Gater 98.7 he made the spontaneous decision last week to cut his hair.  He says it was a decision of convenience.  Ted explains that he finally got fed up with his ponytail getting snagged on trees and bushes as he was deer hunting. 

Listen to the interview below:

The rocker says he did it "on a whim," asking his wife Shemane to get her hairdresser to "bring a machete" and "do this." 

Nugent adds that taking on a more conservative look has nothing to do with any possible political aspirations he might have. 

But he admits the "threat" of him running for public office remains "alive and well."  Fans can see Ted's new look on Shemane's Instagram page. 

Check out his new 'do!