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(TMZ) - Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant just bought himself a stairway to stalker-free heaven - because the obsessed fan he accused of following him around the world has just been ordered to stay the hell away, TMZ reports.

TMZ broke the story that Plant obtained a temporary restraining order against 40-something-year-old Alysson Billings earlier this month, requiring her to stay 100 yards away from the singer at all times.

But, according to TMZ, today a judge made the restraining order permanent, ordering Billings to stay even farther away - 300 yards - for the next three years.

TMZ reports that Plant claims Billings has been harassing him for the last 3 years - showing up at his concerts around the globe, sending him bizarre gifts and increasingly threatening messages.

He says the woman believed they were in a relationship, even though they never met. 

Now that's a whole lotta (unwanted) love.


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