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Metallica's Kirk Hammett says he's thrilled to be making a guest appearance on his former band's album. 

The rocker tells Rolling Stone he contributes a guitar solo to a track on the upcoming disc from Exodus, his group before Metallica.  He says for the song, called "Salt in the Wound," his solo is followed by guitarist Gary Holt, and they sound just like they did more than 30 years ago. 

Hammett explains that "nothing has changed much," and he and Gary are still "trying to cut each other's heads off" with their solos. Kirk adds that playing with the group felt "really casual" and "really cool -- just like it did back in 1980." 

Hammett also admits contributing to the disc is "a huge thing for him."  He explains that aside from an early demo this is his only recording with Exodus, and he's "really happy" he's finally been able to do it. 

Kirk also played with the group over the weekend at his "Fear FestEvil After Party" at Comic-Con.   He was at the San Diego event promoting his Kirk Von Hammett Toys. 

Photo: Getty Images